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Adam Lambert Desktop by HeavenSentTeenager Adam Lambert Desktop :iconheavensentteenager:HeavenSentTeenager 2 4
Satan's Bed
I sit here in my drunken haze,
And watch as a cat chats with the faes.
To the side I do hear,
A vampire whisper to a doe eyed deer.
Around me is a treat,
The witches twitching to the beat.
I take a sip of a drink,
Given to me by Satan with a wink.
Now the scene before me shifts,
As a ghoul grabs on to my hips.
Demons and succubus blur and mix,
Now its time for the tricks.
Tonight I am a deadly bride,
Of which Satan takes with pride.
His sweltering hands hold me close,
As his minions give me another dose.
Oh Halloween, I tasted sin that night,
I went to Hell and back without a fight.
:iconheavensentteenager:HeavenSentTeenager 0 1
Objectify me
Objectify me
Confine me in a small space
Frame me, take my picture
Look at me day after day
Place me on a pedestal
So tall and wide
No real being can climb so high
And when I fall, no matter how small
On me, you will blame it all
Hold me, mold me
Wrap me, and trap me
Place me on a stage so grand
I won't ever be able to look back
Hang on me ornaments
So beautiful and fragile
I'm stuck here, unable to move
As you sit back and admire your spoils
But one day, while you lay awake
And by your side I softly sleep
My curves so smooth, my breath that soothes
You'll wish that I was yours to keep
But you all have made one fatal flaw;
To you I may be an object you can possess
Nothing better than a comfort on your chest
But to no one do I belong
To think you can have me, you are very wrong
For once you sleep, so deep and sound
Your knife I'll take and twirl it round' and round'
And a beautiful mark I'll leave on your flesh
As I rip your heart out of your chest.
And from there a bloody feast shall b
:iconheavensentteenager:HeavenSentTeenager 2 1
Its a moonless midnight
Here, in the darkest parts
Caught up again in this monotonous fight
Never no end, just these useless starts
So I look around for someone to hold
Search and search but not a single soul is found
So I sit back and wonder, why is it so cold?
My cries within me a echo less sound
Screech, as my nails run down the walls
Tearing my hair and pounding my head
Bruised and broken, until all I can do is fall, fall fall
Why is it that somewhere this inhabited feels so dead?
I push and pull until they all go away
battered and abused and completely alone
Wishing and hoping just one would stay
Asking, with a worried tone;
"Why do you treat your self this way, everyday?"
But not one single glance is shared as I
Sit here on the sidelines and rip my flesh
No, not a single human meets my eye
My existence flowing past them through this mesh
So as the the night turns to light
Becoming a different shade of grey
My blood at my feet so bright, what a sight
Stuck to me; this blood will s
:iconheavensentteenager:HeavenSentTeenager 0 0
Words for a Crow
I'm sitting here on death row
Its become quite a comfortable abode
I chatter all day with a friendly little crow
All the secrets under my bed I had left to stow
I confess the death of my dear friend
She, so carefree, and of life, so full
But the edges of her flesh, I had to mend
ripping and tearing with my needle I'd pull
Her beautiful hair, it got tangled
So I came and helped her
Chop, chop , chop
It fell to the floor, my flawless cure
One day she fell in love
But that man, he just wasn't right you see
Not for her, my innocent dove
So her noose I hung from the tallest tree
And after that he left her for good
"Its for the best" I told her afterward
But her eyes, they turned toward me, one at a time
And so odd, they looked just like mine
"So that," I told the attentive crow,
"Is my most punishable crime."
:iconheavensentteenager:HeavenSentTeenager 0 0
Internal Beast
I don't know who you want me to be
I'm tense and ashamed
So confused and at the end of my fuse
I go off and show my ugly side
the eyes of a animal deprived
I scratch and try to make you bleed
Just so you can scream like me
My hands are claws
My mouth my own trap
A mouthful of needles
When I move I just pierce myself
Stab, stab, stab.
I'm a tiger cornered and afraid
A huntress now become the prey
This roar it awakes, inside
Building and building
But all I can do is cry.
:iconheavensentteenager:HeavenSentTeenager 0 0
Not there
Words fade
Its another day
The excitement in your whispers
Have lost their shine
Now we just stare
With dry eyeballs
And wring our hands with uncertainty
Just give it up
Its not worth the fight
We aren't boxers in a ring
We aren't equipped with battle ships
Or sneaky submarines
Even when the silence screams
Just pretend its not there
You sit there in your ignorance
As I tear and tear
Rip our memos to pieces
Who cares? I'm not there.
:iconheavensentteenager:HeavenSentTeenager 1 2
The war
I march to battle
Holding my guns high
the tanks are wearing down
But-- Look!-- As I shoot
The bullets pierce the metal
And the large elephant cries
Its big eyes wide,
Its stumpy legs go wild with a roar
and down, down, down she goes
I smile ecstatically
for I am undefeated, yes
No wild animal can take me down
The ultimate predator, I stand
My bomb big and my cars fast
My exhaust that chokes
and all my smoke, it soaks
Come on, try and take me
See what you can make of me
But I'll win, oh yes I will
Oh and it will be a unprecedented thrill
But life you see, goes on
And one day as the years grow short
And my bones crack from this weight
You'll look at me and smile with glee
And say "You always won"
As you cover my grave.
:iconheavensentteenager:HeavenSentTeenager 0 0
Stillife BandW by HeavenSentTeenager Stillife BandW :iconheavensentteenager:HeavenSentTeenager 2 0 Scarlett by HeavenSentTeenager Scarlett :iconheavensentteenager:HeavenSentTeenager 0 0
I don't want no heroic death
No, no I don't want to hold my breath
I just want a simple death
I don't want to feel your wrath
Make it short
Make it sweet
Make it over, over
I am no hero
And I have sinned
I am rather simple
But life, is just so tedious
So when you kill me
Make it easy
Don't waste your time
Trying to kill a girl like me
I, I just can't
Why a man
Has to fight his death.
Fight until he isn't the man he was
He's nothing now
He can't save anyone
My heart it hurts you see
For a love on a suicidal path
Every beat, my heart it grows
Its going to explode...
Just 'cause he has to be some hero
So when I die, show me mercy
Don't cut me to bits
It won't hurt me anymore
Its a waste of time, killing me
Make it quick
Make it clean
Don't spend no time
Saving a girl like me
:iconheavensentteenager:HeavenSentTeenager 1 0
Chardin redone by HeavenSentTeenager Chardin redone :iconheavensentteenager:HeavenSentTeenager 1 0 Pen and Ink by HeavenSentTeenager Pen and Ink :iconheavensentteenager:HeavenSentTeenager 0 0 Lee Min Ho by HeavenSentTeenager Lee Min Ho :iconheavensentteenager:HeavenSentTeenager 1 0 Sawyer and Juliet by HeavenSentTeenager Sawyer and Juliet :iconheavensentteenager:HeavenSentTeenager 0 0 Sawyer by HeavenSentTeenager Sawyer :iconheavensentteenager:HeavenSentTeenager 0 1

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Katelin McIntyre
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Personal Quote: Perfection is non existant, but beauty is everywhere.
So my teacher wants us all to create a "theme" for our sketchbook
what the hell am i gunna make my theme?
My friend told me to have "Angelina Jolie" as my theme...not that i object to drawing several pictures of angie/ things that relate to her-- "an african baby!" --but...I dunno...I need a theme, its getting a bit ridiculous...i just wanna draw sexy things...
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